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Tunel de Santa Catarina Ban Be Non Tours

Reason for you to love this activity

Feel the tropical beauty of São Tomé Island, visiting Roças with rich colonial architecture, breathtaking scenery, breathtaking beaches and magnificent waterfalls. .

Duration: 9 hours

Specialized Tour Guide: Portuguese or English

What is included: Tourist Guide, Transport / mínimo people;

Activity description

- Departure at 7:30 am from the Capital - São Tomé;

- Passage through the City of Santana, capital of the District of Cantagalo;

- Stop for a visit to Roça Agua Izé and to the Geological Heritage - Boca-de-Inferno;

- Visit the beaches Seven Waves and Micondo;

- Stop to visit Roça São João dos Angolares and pass through the City of Angolares;

- Observation of the forest and volcanic landscapes along the road, such as the Pico Cão-Grande and Palmeiras de Azeite Palma plantations of Emolve - Agripalma;

- Passage and visit to the Villa and Mangal of the Malanza River;- Visit to Roça Porto Alegre;

- Stop to bathe in the Yam and Pool Beaches;

- Lunch at the Jalé Ecologe beach;

- Return to Capital at 5:30 p.m.


Wear light and comfortable clothing. A good idea is to bring sunscreen, clothes and beach towels to soak in the Piscina Beach and money for extra expenses.

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