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We offer breathtaking tours and excursions on the beautiful island of São Tomé. We have tailor made tours to ensure you see the most beautiful and scenic parts of the island and bring wonderful and unforgettable memories. Make the most of your holiday in paradise.

Choose from 3 excursions covering the North, South and Center of the Island. These will certainly be the best excursions of your life.

South Rota - São Tomé

A trip not to forget. Let yourself be amazed by the surrounding landscapes, deserted beaches, refreshing waterfalls and unique volcanic beauty all over the world ...
Duration: 9 hours / Minimum: 2 people


North Rota - São Tomé

Walk that accompanies the passage from an equatorial landscape to a typically African savannah-style landscape. Enjoy to see: waterfalls, historical roças and magnificent beaches ...
Duration: 8 hours / Minimum: 2 people

Interior Rota - São Tomé

Feel the fresh air of the forest of São Tomé Island, visiting the most beautiful and beautiful waterfalls, visit to Parque Obô, full of exotic plants and small curious living beings ...
Duration: 8 hours / Minimum: 2 people


Combined Family - São Tomé

Enjoy a combined excursion for you traveling with family. Cross from North to South, relax on the beaches, soak in the waterfalls and walk along impressive trails on São Tomé Island ...
Duration: 1 day / Maximum: 4 people


Tour around the Island  - São Tomé

Venture out on the open sea on an exciting boat ride out of the city of São Tomé. Check out the island's landscape from a unique perspective and enjoy iconic views of the beautiful Island.
Duration: 9 hours / Minimum: 7 people / Maximum: 10 people


Hotel+Tour - São Tomé

Feel the tropical beauty of São Tomé Island, visiting Roças with rich colonial architecture, breathtaking scenery, magnificent beaches and breathtaking waterfalls ...
Duration: 1 day / Maximum: 2 people / Includes: Hotel and Tour

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