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It all started with an idea and willingness to make a difference in a country where there is a great number of unemployment and little incentive to promote young entrepreneurship. With this vision, we created comes the brand “Kwá Glavi” December 2016. “Kwá Glavi” comes from the Creole liner of S. Tomé which means “Beautiful Thing”. This name arose from. the beautiful pieces produced from items that would be considered waste into something to be treasured.
“Beautiful Thing“, this is undoubtedly the best way to classify the wonders produced by us. Without much complication, this project has great advantages which that it provides not only for society,  but especially for the environment, because the “Kwá Glavi” produces fashion pieces out of items such as boxes of milk, juice, wine, etc.

The creators: This project is made up of was created by 3 young individuals elements: Project manager and coordinators: Jose Carlos Ferreira, Luis Afonso and Flavio da Graça
What has been achieved? already been done?
The “Kwá Glavi” held in the year 2018 a formation workshop of approximately 15 days to a group of 17 people (Palaiês) who used to trade turtle meat. The training was a success, being that in short time participants already made pieces for sale.


It was through the Santa Casa da Misericórdia, within the framework of the Mé-Zóchi Project, that Move get to know the group of women that live in the community of Vista Alegre and is dedicated to the transformation of local products. They work under the brand Gosto Alegre and their activity is mainly concentrated in the production of dried bananas in solar dryers, jams, and banana leaf dolls. Currently this project is leaded by a group of 7 associates. Gosto Alegre is a clear example of the fostering of female entrepreneurship through associativism that has potentiated an income-generating activity for a disadvantaged community.


The purpose of this project is to create a place of study and support for the arts and at the same time help the communities by doing awareness activities to aid the poorest people. They achieve this aim through the handicraft work of its members. The ultimate goal is to have a physical space where they can have all their products exposed and where people interested in learning more about art can go. In this way, they collaborate to the artistic and cultural development of the communities and of the country. 


Waly, the founder of Elagric, is one of Sao Tome's most experienced person in transforming local products, particularly peanuts, cocoa and coconuts. He is a very dynamic and creative men who works at an amazing pace. Created in 2008, only with the equivalent of € 8, Elagric has grown in a sustained and balanced manner, achieving national recognition for the quality of its products in terms of taste, creativity and consistency. Currently, its products are present in the main commercial areas in São Tomé and Príncipe and Wally intends to internationalize its brand as soon as possible.


This project is financially supported by the Cooperation and has as main goal to use recycled glass to produce jewellery pieces such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It was born in January 2016, when NGO Move accompanied the two artisans responsible for the project on a trip to Ghana with the purpose of train them on using recycled glass to create jewellery enabling the implementation of these techniques in São Tomé and Príncipe. Nowadays, the two artisans have already mastered the technique to produce pieces very similar to those produced in Ghana and more artisans have already been trained in order to increase the production.  


The Efraim Firm, founded in 2002, was the first independent and private initiative with expression in the coffee exploration. It has been characterized as a micro enterprise with ambition and own position in the market and in the community. 
Located in the heart of Roça de Monte Café, it has panoramic views over the São Tomé capital. Currently, Efraim Firm, focuses its operations on three different business areas: coffee and cocoa production, hospitality and lodging. The diverse offer of services is an added value for the tourists who look for experiences at different levels, from the tasting of a typical lunch to the learning of the coffee production process.


The Salutar Restaurant, in Porto Alegre, is a place very referenced by tourists and known by locals. Nowadays it has available a lot of different traditional meals made mainly with local products and it also has a guesthouse service. Both of these services are located in the house of the business owner, Nei. In addition to these spaces, the restaurant also has an area on Cabana Beach with tables and chairs where guests can enjoy their lunch on the beach with the Sea of São Tomé as a view. In the future, Nei intends to expand its establishment on the beach, building a mini bar and an ecolodge space.


Snorkeling STP was founded in 2017 by the entrepreneur Kener Roldão. This service allows the exploration of the underwater biodiversity of São Tomé in different zones of the island, providing a unique experience to its clients. Currently, Kener, offers his services in Praia dos Tamarindos, Lagoa Azul and Praia de Morro de Peixe. MOVE seeks to ensure the financial growth of the business through the formulation and implementation of different business strategies, stimulating a more diversified offer and aiming to make the project a stable and sustainable business.


Moto Express is the first food delivery company in São Tomé. This project was born in 2018 in a partnership between Domingos (business owner) and Move. Today, Moto Express already has partnership with six restaurants that offer different and varied types of gastronomy: from typical meals of São Tomé and typical Portuguese meals to fast food. In addition, it also has a team of reliable motorcyclists who are responsible for delivering the meals ordered by customers. Moto Express has tremendous growth potential, impacting not only the life of Domingos and his team, but also the success of the restaurants and motorcyclists that work for it as it gives them the possibility of making more profit in their businesses.


Fovat Group is a technology-based company that currently operates in 3 different areas: software, education and e-commerce. As far as education is concerned, Fovat currently offers the following monthly courses: Small Business Management, Accounting, Advanced Excel, IT and IT Technician. In addition to these, as of September, technical courses of 2 years will also be available: Administrative and Financial Technician and Sales, Marketing and Relationship technician and 3-year courses: Applied Informatics for Software Creation and Health Statistics. The software creation service is mostly specialized in the areas of management and accounting. The main objective of this service is to support the development of Small and Medium Enterprises, allowing them to succeed more easily. Fovat currently uses Access and Excel platforms to create the different spreadsheets that they offer. As far as the e-commerce service is concerned, Fovat is mainly focused on providing a fast and quality service of repair and maintenance of equipment. The fact that it specializes in 3 areas so out of the ordinary and that are little explored in São Tomé, makes Fovat Group a company full of growth potential with the possibility of becoming a major technology company in the coming years.


The Funeral Agency of the Sun is a project that was born in 2018 with the entrepreneur Paulo Jorge. This agency builds different types of coffins, having a small physical space located in Madre Deus. Paulo Jorge began by working building coffins for another funeral agency, but quickly realized that subcontracting didn’t compensate and as such he decided to open his own agency. Currently it already has a partnership with Santa Casa da Misericórdia and has stand out in the market by the difference and quality of his offer and by practicing more attractive prices. Move has helped in the growth of this business by supporting marketing and publicity and also by making new partnerships.


Wake Up Africa is a continent-wide project whose main focus is to foster São Tomé and Príncipe contribution to the awakening of the African continent. This contribution goes through the appreciation of Africa, in particular its customs, traditions, heritage, culture, and, above all, its human resources. 
Wake Up Africa is an idea that was born in the Move StartUp STP project and has as main objectives:
● The promotion of São Tomé and Príncipe through fashion, dance and music events, finding hidden talents and contributing for the development of the African continent;
● To awaken the consciousness of society to values and principles that seem to be dormant, through lectures and other events that put in perspective important and controversial issues.


São Tomé Surf Club was born in 2015 with the support of two Portuguese who, on a visit to the Santana community, and Sete Ondas beach, noticed that the waves were good for surfing. As such, they began to frequently go to this beach where they noticed that there were several kids playing in the waves with wooden boards. Over time they started teaching some surfing techniques and also started a movement in Portugal to import surfboards to São Tomé. This was how a surf community was formed in Santana, which soon became the São Tomé Surf Club, the first surf club in São Tomé. Currently, this club offers not only Surf classes for tourists and locals but also the possibility of surfboards rentals. Move has been supporting this project since the beginning of its formation, looking for partnerships, organizing the accounting and helping in marketing, advertising.


This project is a tripartite agreement between Move, Sao Tome Central Chain and CST. The idea was born under the social responsibility of the company CST, which provided advertising tarpaulins, which would otherwise be just junk, to create reusable shopping bags made by a group of prisoners. The main objective is, at the same time, help reintegrate prisoners into society, combat waste through reuse of advertising tarpaulins and sensitize society to the use of recyclable materials alternative to plastic bags. Move acts as an intermediary in the relationships between the Central Chain and CST and has the responsibility to manage the project's operation, ensuring that everything works within what has been agreed upon.

• ZEZA • 

Zeza is a product transformer supported by Move that works in Santo Amaro, in the District of Lobata. This entrepreneur concentrates its production mainly on transforming local products such as banana, breadfruit and matabala pála-pála. In 2016, it began to be accompanied by Move which has mostly helped in the marketing and advertising of the business and also in the search of new points of sale for the products. Zeza has recently been able to carry out a rehabilitation in the place where she manufactures its products, ensuring better sanitary and production conditions for her products.


Nilsa is one of the most talented MOVE product transformer in São Tomé. She currently works as a cook and is responsible for the catering service at Qua Tela a store that sells local products. Besides this, she is also responsible for receiving and preparing all the products that are sold in the store. Some of the local products made by Nilsa are: peanut butter, chilli paste, fura cueca, vanilla, coconut spider and coconut sweet, among others. Move has been supporting Nilsa in finding new sales outlets for its products and also in publicizing and advertising its project, creating labels and logos for all its products. Recently, Nilsa has developed its own brand: Dedo de Moça, creating a new design for her entire project.


The Exportation project arises from Move's desire to create a sales channel for Portugal of the products transformed by their entrepreneurs. In this context, BP, intending to enter Sao Tome and Principe to begin oil exploration on its maritime zone, saw in this idea an opportunity to respond to the obligation that it has with regard to social responsibility. The initial idea is to export products such as: coffee, pepper, cocoa and muesli.


MOVE was contacted by former WACT members in order to help create a business for their housekeeper Xinha. Having in consideration that the WACT team is only in São Tomé during the summer season Xinha only had a job at that time. With Xinha everything started from scratch, with no business idea, no money and no great ideas. In two months Xinha, with Move’s support, built the entire structure of the Bar, raised money for the first investment and officially opened the Xinha Bar. Nowadays, after only three months since the opening, Xinha can already make a profit from the operation of the Bar and distribute part of it with the girls who work with her. One of the goals for the future is to expand the business into a restaurant and start making local meals. The bar is located in Neves, where there is lack of this type of services.


Amaro was part of a MOVE project called Fio Tela that ended in 2019. In order to not leave Amaro without a project, Move saw in him the potential of becoming a tour guide, that being a scout, could offer different walks and tours through the forest Ôbô of São Tomé. Currently, Amaro has created its own brand: Amaro Aventura, which is already being disclosed on different social networks advertising its different tours and trecking services. Among others, the project Amaro Aventura offers: the walk to Lagoa Amélia, climb to the São Tomé Peak and the walk to the Seven Tunnels. This project is a good opportunity for Amaro considering that he offers unique experiences that few tourism agencies offer.


The Start Up project was born out of Move's motivation of creating a business incubator in São Tomé and Príncipe. The process of building this project involved the work of three different editions of Move, which systematically putted the idea into operation, making partnerships and selecting new projects for to have Move’s support. The main objective of this project was to implement the first large business incubator in São Tomé and Príncipe, whose main purpose was to support the development and implementation of ideas with business potential and, at the same time, create value for the country, through business training, guidance and monitoring of management of projects.




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